AWS DynamoDB and Storage Gateway

I missed the DynamoDB webcast this week and have not been able to find any comments about what transpired. DynamoDB is Amazon’s new “database service” offering which CTO Werner Vogel’s introduced in his blogpost last month.

Dynamo is a complementary product to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which InfoWorld calls the new Microsoft Windows. I guess it is the AWS answer to Oracle’s Exalytics appliance,’s, and other Hadoop-based services like Cloudera Enterprise and Greenplum HD.

Last month, Amazon also announced the Amazon Storage Gateway. The product is a vSphere virtual appliance that allows you to snapshot your storage volumes (SAN, NAS, or direct-attach) to Amazon’s S3 cloud. The cool thing is that is presents itself back as a block-level iSCSI volume to the three supported platforms: Windows 7, Windows 2008, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. I missed the webinar on it as well, but uncovered a hands-on eval of the product that found some rough edges, such as the need for scripting to get full functionality, static volume sizes and a strange dependency on DHCP.