Another Talari customer in the news

Talari Networks got some more press in today’s post from The WAN Advisor on SearchEnterpriseWAN “Is it time to dump MPLS for broadband“. Here an IT director for a manufacturer with 60 sites tells how he has reduced telecom costs by using broadband with Talari’s Mercury Adaptive Private Networking (APN) appliances in a dozen or so sites. I mentioned Talari in my post last month “MPLS – A nice but expensive solution II“.

Talari calls this “WAN virtualization”, a new marketing category they have coined. They assert that Talari is morphing enterprise WANs similarly to how VMware and server virtualization are evolving enterprise computing. They further compare their APN technology to RAID in the storage environment. They state that “Where RAID wrapped a layer of hardware and intelligent software around multiple PC hard disks, APN’s two-ended, appliance-based solution does something similar with multiple WAN connections – existing private WANs and high speed Internet connections (T3, OC3, Metro Ethernet, etc.) at data centers and large sites, as well as existing connections and any type of broadband Internet links for branch/smaller locations”.

It will be interesting to see how Gartner fits this into their Magic Quadrant analysis.