About this site

ITMGR.org and theitmanager.org contain content that is relevant to The IT Manager as well as The IT Project Manager.

I originally started this exercise in spring-2009 when I took on a project to build and deploy a blogging product. I wanted to get familiar with WordPress and PHP so I could have a clue what I was asking my team to support. I started with blogging on WordPress.com with just silly stuff, more personal than professional. I gradually began incorporating topics related to my vocation and information technology. Eventually I moved over to a self-hosted site and removed all the personal content.

Now, I maintain the site primarily for myself, although I certainly appreciate readers. I like to write and in fact used to write for magazines back when I was technical. More importantly, creating and maintaining this site forces me to [attempt to] stay current on management and technical changes and trends. I also use it to keep facts, figures, and some times files online in “the cloud” for when I may need them.

These pages, posts, and links will focus on IT from a manager’s perspective, and thus may not hold the interest of technicians, engineers, and administrators very long.