About the site author/curator

Note I mention site “curator” since much of the content here is not original but rather repackaged, rebutted, reviewed and probably, in some cases, plagiarized. I try to cite sources wherever possible.

I have 20 years in corporate IT with 15 of that in some capacity of management. I have held positions with integrators and end-users, state government and federal government, large and small financial institutions, SMBs and conglomerates. I have been a small cog in arguably the largest company in the US and also in a domestic office of the largest company in Europe. Not that any of this makes me an expert, but maybe gives me some experiences and opinions to draw upon.

Educationally, I am a degreed accountant with an MBA. Accounting and finance never gave me reason to look forward to getting up every morning, but technology did. So I started professionally as a programmer/analyst, then systems administrator and network engineer. Although I enjoyed those roles, I found I was only mediocre at them. But I did excel at planning, organizing, and managing technical implementations. I was a consultant – with a well-known but now defunct consulting group – embedded in a large southeastern (now national) bank when I first heard myself referred to as a “project manager”. At the time, project management did not have a well-know career path, so I took the management track.

I have certifications from PMI (PMP), OGC/ITSMF (ITIL Foundations), ISACA (CISM), and ISC2 (CISSP) as well as some technical certs which while I am proud of, are now obsolete.

From a personal perspective …