A line editor, really?

I have recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Cisco’s IOS after a hiatus of over a decade. I see the interface has changed little, if any.

I just do not understand with all the advances in UI technology why the number one networking vendor still requires admins to learn to function with such arcane tools to administer its ubiquitous networking devices. There is a java-based graphical utility – ASDM, but just about every support forum advises against its use for configuration, with good reason.

Thank goodness for Frahim and Santos’ Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance (2nd Edition) which helped me through the cryptic configuration, or I would have never been able to accomplish my goals.

And I realize the ASA technically doesn’t use “IOS-proper” and hard-core router jocks would roll their eyes at my lack of prowess, but come on, Cisco, it’s 2010!